Attending the AMBER ROSE SLUTWALK 2017

SlutWalk is a transnational movement of protest marches calling for an end to rape culture, including victim blaming and slut shaming of sexual assault victims.

In October of 2017, whilst studying abroad in Canada, I realised that I would be in the Northern Hemisphere during the time that the LA Slutwalk was on. And as a female, (and particularly a stripper) what the slutwalk movement represents is something that I’m super passionate about, so I jumped at the chance to attend. I prepared my sign, flew from Vancouver to LA for a night, woke up and got dressed (well, dressed-down), and heading to downtown LA for the event.

The Amber Rose Slutwalk’s mission is to “deliver a flawlessly executed event geared toward raising awareness about sexual injustice, domestic violence and gender inequality. The Amber Rose SlutWalk aims to impact and uplift, while shifting the paradigm of rape culture. The event provides a safe, all-inclusive space to entertain, educate, and empower.”

My sign read “FEMINISM SHOULD BE INTERSECTION, SEX/BODY POSITIVE,” which essentially sums up the direction I believe the women’s rights movement needs to go in contemporary 21st century developed societies. Being pro-intersectional is all about acknowledging and addressing the further oppression that intersectionally oppressed women/people face- those who are disabled, of lower socioeconomic status, who identify as LGBTQI+, or people of colour. Sex positivity is the social and philosophical movement that promotes and embraces sexuality and sexual expression, with an emphasis on safe and consensual sex- which is essential in order to end rape culture. Finally, body positivity is the acceptance and appreciation of all human body types, by both individuals and society, and this includes combating the discrimination that people with certain body types face, and “thin privilege.”

The event began with a rally, as people began to arrive, with entertainment and a huge sign making station, where I got to mingle and meet so many like-minded people. The “walk” part of the SlutWalk was a10-minute march along the main road, complete with a marching band and dancers. The march ended in Pershing Square, where there were stalls, an art exhibition, and loads of entertainment- the highlight for me being Cupcakke’s performance (if you don’t know who she is, Youtube her- my personal favourite song is ‘deepthroat’).

At the end of the event, I honestly felt so empowered. I spent my day being inspired by people who share the same vision for the future of feminism, and by the end of it, I wanted to do more in my own life to work towards this future. So, I decided it was time to use my social media as a platform to create discourse about these issues, to share my experiences (particularly as a stripper), inspire and educate others… starting with my LA Slutwalk vlog!

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