Creating My First Community Campaign

Campaigning is something that goes hand-in-hand with activism- it’s all about creating a change through organised tactics and actions. Aside from experience as an activist, my first campaigning experience was when I developed a community fundraising campaign for a Kenyan-based NGO in late 2017.

Whilst studying abroad in Canada in 2017, I was given a great opportunity as part of the University of the Fraser Valley’s (UFV) Global Development Studies program- to develop a community campaign, for a Kenyan-based community based organisation, the Dandora Transformation League. The Dandora Transformation League (DTL) is an umbrella body bringing together over 120 youth groups from the low-income Dandora suburb, to the east of Nairobi in Kenya, through public space renovation.

UFV global development students were invited to work in groups to develop their campaign idea, pitch it to members of the organisation, and then one campaign was chosen to have the campaign implemented and carried out by the organisation. I lead a group of 5 other girls to develop a fundraising campaign for the Dandora Transformation League, which we pitched, and it was selected over all the other campaigns to be implemented in 2018.The criteria we were given was; to create a campaign targeted at UFV and broader Canadian communities, to both raise awareness and raise funds for the Dandora Transformation League.

I had the idea to create a campaign toolkit that would include all of the necessary resources and information required to carry out a calendar fundraising campaign… and thus, the DTL Calendar Fundraising Toolkit was born. I developed and created the toolkit, one of the girls in our group designed all of the artwork, and the other 4 created a video that was used for our campaign pitch.

When the day came to pitch the campaign, so many other groups had great ideas. We showed our pitch video, which explained what our campaign idea was, and then I spoke about how the actual toolkit that I had created works. You can see the pitch here in this vlog:

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to create the campaign, and to work with DTL. The Dandora Transformation League is part of the Public Space Network, who contacted me to get involved and help develop their fundraising campaigning for their Changing Faces Competition in 2018.

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