I was a delegate at the United Nations Youth Assembly!

At the end of my semester abroad in Canada, I was given one final amazing opportunity before returning back to Australia, (as if attending a UN Student Seminar, a documentary screening, and creating my first community campaign weren’t enough…) I was offered a chance to attend the Youth Assembly at the United Nations as a delegate at the winter 2018 conference.

I had already finished my semester abroad and returned home by the time I got to head back to the northern hemisphere for the Youth Assembly at the UN. It was my second time at the United Nations, but this time was a lot more exciting. I got to listen to speeches in the General Assembly, and attend various workshops, discussion panels, and seminars that were tailored to my interests and areas that I am involved in as an activist. This included topics like effective advocacy, grants and funding for NGOs, human/sex trafficking, food security and food waste, social inclusion in cities, public space renovation, engaging the private sector in the Sustainable Development Goals, and innovations for ending extreme poverty.

I also had an exciting opportunity around the same time- creating my first every sponsored YouTube video, which was a chance for me to record and share my experiences at the United Nations Youth Assembly in a different style to how I’d typically vlog and share my experiences. Check it out…

I hope this won’t be my last time at the United Nations!

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