International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th. Traditionally, it celebrates the cultural, political, and social achievements of women throughout history and across nations.

So, how did spend International Women’s Day as a Human Rights, Animal Liberation, and Sustainable Development Activist?.. 

Sustainable Development

In the sustainable development sphere, I celebrated International Women’s Day through my work with Campaign for Australian Aid, a campaign backed by Australia’s aid and development groups to get Australia to increase its foreign aid budget (Australian Aid is currently at an all-time low!)

As a video producer for the campaign, I made a video to celebrate women who are leading their communities towards the sustainable development goals. You can check out the video here.

Animal Liberation

As an animal liberation activist, I attended the Women Against Dairy memorial march in Brisbane City. The march sought to bring attention to the most oppressed females in the animal kingdom- dairy cows, and I went to do my bit to help fight the sexual politics of animal farming.

Human Rights

The next day, (after minimal sleep thanks to working all night) I went to an event in Brisbane to do media coverage as an Amnesty International activist. The event was the One Billion Rising Flash mob, that was raising awareness about domestic violence against women, where I interviewed Annie, a dancer, and Belinda, a social worker and manager from a domestic violence organisation.

You can see exactly what my weekend of International Women’s Day activism looked like in the vlog below. I hope that you learn a thing or two, or you are inspired to take action in your own community!

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